About Me

Photo on 2013-06-11 at 11.10I live in Ann Arbor with my wonderful husband (Danny), invisible cat (Noddy), and all too visible dog (Wuffles). We have five children (Zach, Jessie, Shay, Alan, and Henry) and three grandchildren (Sidney, Barrett, and Drake), whose interests and occupations cut a broad swath through the universe of human endeavor. We are now empty-nesters, with the youngest child just off to college.

I have taught mathematics in the past, from middle school through graduate school. I am now old enough to say that I am retired instead of merely unemployed. In addition to accumulating cookbooks, cooking, and eating, I am interested in the fiber arts, and am now in a quilting phase (previous phases being spinning, knitting, and weaving). Anyone who likes to eat as much as I do must choose between being very active or being a blimp. Thus, I run (slowly), go for mega-walks, and have sporadic bouts of regular gym visitation.

I hope that you, my readers, will enjoy this blog and buy lots of cookbooks.

Mary T.