About My Cooking

The way I cook determines which recipes I am likely to try. I have a kosher dairy kitchen, and so I immediately restrict my interest to vegetarian and some fish recipes. I also like to prepare food well in advance of actually serving and eating it, and so I am unlikely to try a recipe that ends with the words: “Serve immediately.” There will no doubt be exceptions to this rule.

The main thing I look for in a recipe is a high taste to trouble ratio. Measures of both taste and trouble are, however, quite subjective. For example, I tend to like strongly flavored, as opposed to bland, food. As to trouble, I have yet to make a lattice top pie crust, and yet my inner Wallis Simpson is strong enough that I occasionally peel and even remove seeds from tomatoes.

Concerning ingredients (a list that I will add to as this blog progresses):

  • When I use salt, I use kosher salt.
  • When I use milk, I use whole milk.